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October 17th | Los Angeles Convention Center


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DMA’s Strategic Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event for Marketing Executives attending &THEN and are active VP’s and above.

The Summit is a forum sharing ideas, insights, and actions needed to round out your planning season for 2017.

Peer-to-Peer Executive knowledge sharing and networking is the goal, and at the end of the day-long summit, we’re sure you’ll agree we’ve delivered just that.

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Moving from the Data Age to the Human Age

Our Theme

Today’s marketing landscape – dominated by data, delivered through disruptive tech – is quickly changing how we do business.

As today’s M-Suite executives, this is both an opportunity and a challenge – how we react to the change already occurring is pivitol. This change demands we take a different approach to engaging our customers in a more relevant, responsible and emotional manner. A few questions are immediately posed that that requires careful thought:

  • What is the face of the more “emotionally-focused” marketer?
  • How are we using data smarter?
  • How do we develop compelling stories to connect with a more discerning customer?
  • Are we building personalized messages or personalized experiences; and how do we integrate the two?
  • How is data impacting both top-down and bottom-up decisions within an organization?

Join some of the industry’s leading marketing executives as they explore and share insights on the evolving era of compassionate, “humanizing data”, as we identify:

  • How to use less to get more
  • The Changing Face of the M-Suite; and what type of leader will drive this change
  • Data-driven creative
  • A Global review of data-driven marketing from top leaders
  • And so much more


8:30AM - 9:20AM

Inspiration Session - Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Learn More

Strategic Summit attends get V.I.P seating for this session.

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10:45AM - 11:00AM

Chairman’s Opening Remarks & Welcome

Program Chair:
Jeffrey Rayport strategic summit-01

11:00AM - 11:50AM

Vanishing Point: How Less Means More in the Marketplace of Tomorrow

The divide between today and tomorrow is a disappearing act of several major dynamics that have long dominated the consumer marketplace. All are now changing at once, giving way to a future packed with more immediacy, data and diversity. Success will be less a matter of doing established things in innovative ways and much more a function of doing entirely new things. Or to put it another way, the future is about business models not R&D. In this presentation, The Futures Company executive chairman J. Walker Smith will trace the outlines of this unfolding future with implications for strategy and planning

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12:00PM - 1:15PM

Keynote Luncheon
The New Talent Equation

Talent. The opportunity and challenge in the modern marketing mix

Brian brings a unique and valuable vantage point: he has deep insights into both sides of the talent equation.

As CEO of one of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies, Brian hires, evaluates and develops top global talent everyday. And he also understands talent from the employee side, and has become a global authority on career strategy for Millennials.

His new book, “The Long View: Career Strategies to Start Strong Reach High and Go Far,” will be published in September 2016. It has been praised by best-selling authors including Susan Cain, Tom Rath, Adam Grant and Don Tapscott.

Brian will share his innovative new vision around the Magnetic Talent Enterprise and how companies must adapt and take advantage of all four levels of employer/employee bonding (Structural, Emotional, Financial and Social) in order to attract and retain top Millennial talent. He offers fresh and practical advice for the new, more strategic role that Chief Talent Officers of the world must play.

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Key takeaways

  • The growing gap between Millennials’ expectations and employer needs means that the old model of rigid employer/employee relationships needs to be scrapped.
  • The way forward is to create a Magnetic Talent Enterprise, using all four types of relationship bonding (Financial, Emotional, Structural and Social).
  • The Chief Talent Officer must play a more strategic role in this new model of magnetism, driving the enterprise to constantly innovate to create greater talent attraction, retention and adaptability.

1:25PM - 2:15PM

Changing Face of the M-Suite

In this era of digital transformation, leadership at the highest level is in a state of flux as new challenges and opportunities confront the C-suite. When it comes to marketing, the most strategic of leaders are faced with serious questions: should the CMO take a seat at the table? How does the CMO work with the CIO or the CTO for the benefit of the organization? What characteristics should marketing executives have in this new data-driven, brand-building, emotionally-connected world?

These questions form the backbone of this riveting panel discussion that will examine these fundamental issues and more. M-Suite executives, who understand marketing’s need to shift into higher gear, will identify:

  • The M-Suite’s role and how it is becoming more influential to overall business success
  • The increasing pressure of expectations
  • The use of data and analytics, their most important challenge
  • The new skills set needed for transformation, and how to acquire them


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Thoryn Stephens strategic summit-01


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2:20PM - 3:10PM

Personalization: Fusing Creative & Analytics

94% of CMOs view delivering personalized content to customers and prospects is important to achieving their growth goals as marketers shift from broad-based targeting to curate tailored experiences that are based on the customers past and present behavior.

This panel of marketing and agency leaders will share their experiences enabling and executing personalized content experiences that leverage first and third party data to build unique, authentic experiences wherever customers interact with their brand.

Drawing upon original best practices research conducted by Forbes and PWC with hundreds of CMOs, you will be lead through a discussion about the keys to enabling a content supply chain that supports personalization at scale in digital marketing, sales and media touch points.

Participants will receive a copy of the recent Forbes research report: Leading with Customer Focused Content


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mike marcellin strategic summit-01


3:15PM - 4:05PM

Going Global: The Convergence of Content, Data and the Worldwide Audience

All around the world, marketers are grasping the power of data as a driver of their customer engagement efforts. Casting aside old preconceptions about the roles of “traditional” and “emerging” channels, they’re deploying a wide range of media levers—and an increasingly sophisticated array of analytics and delivery tools—to capitalize on a promise that’s long characterized the practice of direct marketing: the ability to deliver the right experience, to the right customer, at the right time, through the right touchpoints.

But as enterprises increasingly leverage data in support of global marketing strategies, a new set of questions has emerged: Where, for example, is the practice of data-driven marketing best positioned for future growth? What are the obstacles to effective data utilization—and where are they the most daunting? And what other opportunities may be lurking around the corner for both marketers and service providers looking to apply insight to the critical task of customer marketing?


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4:15PM - 4:45PM

Champagne Roundtable Toast


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