CORT Furniture

Lee Thomas

SVP, Technology and Online Business Development
With more than 30 years of experience in information technology and digital commerce, Lee Thomas drives disruptive innovation in the furniture service industry as CORT’s Senior Vice President of Technology and Online Business Development. He leads CORT’s information technology and B2B/B2C digital and ecommerce strategies. Over his 11 year tenure at CORT, Lee has built a high performing team of technologists, digital marketers and online sales experts by providing them with an exciting vision for the future and powering them with the best tools and processes. He leads CORT’s B2B/B2C digital and Lee’s industry experience spans retail, advertising, SaaS, software product development, online retail/rental merchandising, energy, off-shore outsourcing, call center operations and information technology. Prior to CORT, he was the Director of Technology at NovusEdge where he led the company's expansion efforts with an overhaul of architecture, business processes and data center redesign. He also directed software product teams as Vice President at Virtusa and served as the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Myriad Development.
175+ speakers, 6 keynotes, 7 industry specific tracks, 4000+ attendees
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