Track 1 - How Data Drives Business Outcomes: The C-Suite in Alignment

What Will Data Drive Next?: Future-Proofing Your Business

Monday October 9th • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Sponsored By
In 2011 prominent VC Marc Andreessen wrote that software was eating the world. Today it's data that is driving change throughout the business world and particularly marketing: Uber and Lyft have revolutionized transportation through data, programmatic media buying has upended the old relationship-driven sales cycle, and augmented reality might turn the whole world into an advertising canvas. What aspects of our jobs and our lives will data transform next? What will marketing look like in 2027? Who will win and who will lose? Join industry-leading executives from 3M, Tough Mudder and others for a forecasting glance into marketing's future. Key learnings will include:
  • How data will soon drive new efficiencies and improved results in marketing
  • How Tough Mudder and 3M leverage data in mapping their brands’ futures
  • Fundamental shifts in marketing team structures
Who should attend? Senior executives and stakeholders focused on the business impact of data on the organization. Examples: CMOs, CTOs, CPOs, business consultants, analysts, journalists and lobbyists.