Track 1 - How Data Drives Business Outcomes: The C-Suite in Alignment

The ROI of Becoming Data-Driven: How Do You Measure Success?

Tuesday October 10th • 10:45 am - 11:45 am Sponsored By
Nearly half (49 percent) of brand executives say they feel significant pressure to increase data’s role in their current strategy. But is this pressure truly warranted? What kind of return on investment are data-driven brands seeing on their often-substantial outlays of time and money on new data systems and internal restructurings? Key learnings in this session will include:
  • Metrics for gauging the success of your organization’s data transformation
  • Brand stories of transformation and rewards
  • Pitfalls to avoid on the road to becoming data-driven
Who should attend? Senior executives and stakeholders focused on the business impact of data on the organization. Examples: CMOs, CTOs, CPOs, business consultants, analysts, journalists and lobbyists.