Track 3 - Data-Driven Creative Excellence

The Impact of Data on Creative Strategy: Closing the Gaps

Tuesday October 10th • 10:45 am - 11:45 am Sponsored By
We grew up viewing creativity and data as two isolated worlds, like oil and water. Creativity represents the emotional world; data represents the rational world. Creativity provides purpose and identity. Data provides precision and relevancy. But creativity without data is a shot in the dark. And data without creativity is just an empty shot. Businesses that can seamlessly integrate creativity and data will edge out the ones that only excel at one. In a connected world, integration wins. Learn how to close the gap between data and creativity to make your brand matter. This session will focus on:
  • Real-world stories from brands that have traveled this road
  • Quick wins to closing the gaps
Who should attend? Creative- and digital-focused executives and managers within agencies and companies.