Track 3 - Data-Driven Creative Excellence

Proven Strategies for Optimizing Creative to Boost Engagement

Monday October 9th • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Sponsored By
Whether you have extensive or limited customer data, learn how two industry leading marketers maximize their email engagement through the use of big and small data to determine the most captivating creative content. You’ll hear from AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW, one of the newest and fastest growing streaming entertainment services. Working with key stakeholders, the brand continuously measures the behavioral interaction from all audience segments to inform the most relevant creative content. You’ll also hear from long-established American Express, a brand that undoubtedly understands the importance of personalized one-to-one engagement strategies. APIs are key to communicating the value of AMEX card membership by dynamically populating emails in real-time with the most relevant benefits, offers, services and rewards to specific card members. Key learnings in this session will include:
  • How American Express uses recommender models, driven by customer behaviors and big data, that deliver contextually relevant email content to maximize card member engagement.
  • How DIRECTV NOW is able to reach the most receptive prospects across partner channels, and identify and tailor messaging to high and low engaged users
  • Tips for using strategic, rules-based tactics to deliver the most relevant promotions, personalized creative to match each segment’s needs, and appropriate messages for specific audiences
Who should attend? Creative- and data-focused executives and managers within brands and agencies, including those specializing in email optimization