Track 3 - Data-Driven Creative Excellence

Humanizing Data: How to Create Content, Engagement, and Loyalty Among Commitment-Phobic Customers

Tuesday October 10th • 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Sponsored By
Few marketers dispute the value that data can bring to an organization. But at what point does a brand risk losing perspective on the real humanity behind all of those beautiful data points? At its best, data-driven marketing does not trade empathy for information. Rather, it uses statistical insights to power a deeper understanding of the customer journey and motivations. In this session, attendees with learn:
  • How data can drive deeper human insights
  • The value of empathy in creating more meaningful customer journeys
  • Lessons from brands that are challenged to build loyalty among commitment-averse customer bases
Who should attend? Creative- and digital-focused executives and managers within agencies and companies.