Track 4 - Customer-First Extreme Personalization: AI & Machine Learning

Going Custom: The Opportunities and the Obstacles

Tuesday October 10th • 10:45 am - 11:45 am Sponsored By
Declining in-store retail sales, Amazon and other market factors have left brands looking for new direct-to-consumer revenue streams. Custom products provide brands an opportunity to offer consumers a unique product that is not available through retail channels, at a higher price and margin, and with lower returns. Nearly 30 percent of consumers age 16-30 are attracted to personalized goods and services and will pay a premium for them. According to Forrester Research, buyers who customize products online visit websites 67 percent more often, spend 15 percent longer on sites, buy 22 percent more frequently, and pay 25-40 percent more for products.

The custom opportunity is there. But does it make sense for your brand? And what are the marketing and data opportunities associated with moving your business down a custom path? In this session, attendees will hear from leading brands in the custom product space, including Kendra Scott, and learn:
  • How to determine the level of personalization and customization to offer customers
  • Internal decisions required to ensure the best possible customer experience
  • Real-world business results around custom product rollouts

PLUS: Spotlight on Oracle

Attendees of this session will also hear opening remarks from Oracle Data Cloud, the presenting sponsor of &THEN’s Personalization track. Did you know the average consumer now uses five different devices and has well over 25 different IDs associated with them? Marketers today face a complex challenge -- tapping into all the ways to effectively reach a customer, while providing a personalized experience through a streamlined process.

Yet their approaches are not scaling to the vast, unstructured nature of modern customer interactions. Join Kevin Whitcher of Oracle Data Cloud in learning how the Oracle ID Graph, driven by data and data science, gives marketers a complete picture of a consumer across multiple marketing channels. By incorporating online and offline ID spaces, learn how to deliver more relevant, unified messaging to actual consumers across more channels and measure the effectiveness of this marketing in driving sales.

Speaker: Kevin Whitcher, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Data Cloud

Who should attend? Retailers, brand marketers, brand merchandisers, e-commerce specialists and partners responsible for personalization and optimization of the customer journey.