Track 3 - Data-Driven Creative Excellence

Customer-Centricity: How Barnes & Noble and Betabrand Create Best-in-Class Experiences

Monday October 9th • 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm Sponsored By
As a marketer, none of your work matters if no one shows up to your party. What does it take to drive traffic and -- more importantly -- convince customers to engage and buy? Barnes & Noble and Betabrand executives will showcase their best-in-class approaches. A Digital Transformation: Barnes & Noble’s Chief Digital Officer Fred Argir will describe the journey and how the insights gained are helping to drive Barnes & Noble’s digital business by increasing traffic and sales and building loyalty. He will explain how the company is leveraging real-time data to keep the site nimble and evolving, the data elements used to measure success, and insights coming out of’s first major redesign since 2008. Always Be Testing: Betabrand CMO Aaron Magness knows that testing outcomes will help you understand your customers more deeply in terms of what might influence their behavior in the future, even when the customers themselves don't fully know what motivates their behavior. Attendees will learn about Betabrand’s strategy for finding its customers’ “happy path” – and the tactics the brand uses for encouraging them to take that path again and again. During this session, you’ll gain actionable insights from these successful brand marketers who have mastered the following:
  • Testing creative variations for maximum impact
  • Cross-platform optimization best practices
  • Refining the customer journey to boost conversion rates
Who should attend? Creative- and digital-focused executives and managers within agencies and companies.