Track 6 - Sense & Respond: Tracking, Targeting, Attribution, ROI

Breaking the 80/20 Rule: Identifying and Eliminating Wasted Spend

Tuesday October 10th • 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm Sponsored By
The 80/20 rule of marketing, derived from the broader Pareto Principle concept, purports that 20 percent of marketing messages produce 80 percent of your campaign results. But rules are made to be broken. Thanks to today’s sophisticated analytics and optimizations tools, marketers need not resign themselves such high levels of wasted spend. It’s time to demand better. Key learnings in this session will include:
  • The latest in test-and-refine marketing approaches
  • Solutions for uncovering marketing spend inefficiencies
  • Optimization lessons from top brand marketers
Who should attend? Data scientists, analysts, quants, media planners and other marketers tasked with understanding and implementing campaign attribution and reporting solutions.