Track 2 - Data Disrupts Everything

Data Standards and Eliminating Ad Fraud: The Latest Victories

Monday October 9th • 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

In our hyper-kinetic, over-regulated world, there are really only two things that marketers can count on today. One of them is that data, the life-force behind our ability to engage consumers in more meaningful ways to improve their lives, is front and center to the success of every marketer today. And, the other is that our ability to access and use marketing data responsibly is under constant threat by lawmakers and regulators.

Marketers must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting the self-regulatory framework that governs our ability to access and use marketing data responsibly. That means protecting consumer privacy, promoting data security and taking strides to eliminate the fraud that threatens digital advertising. With initiatives like its Data Standards 2.0 and recent moves to explore blockchain technology for the betterment of the industry, DMA is helping guide the way. Join leaders from DMA and the industry at large as they provide the latest insights on these and other key industry developments.

Key learnings in this session will include:

  • A 101 look at the basics of blockchain and its viability for ad fraud elimination
  • New developments with DMA’s Data Standards 2.0 and what marketers need to know
  • A candid look at other pressing industry challenges and moves to combat them
Who should attend? Senior executives, managers and stakeholders at brands, agencies, platforms, and media and technology companies who are focused on innovation within the marketing industry and their organizations.