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When you decide to embark on your &THEN Journey you will be joined by thousands of Marketers choosing from hundreds of interactive sessions delivered by hundreds data and marketing experts. &THEN has brought together the thought leaders from our team of curators to help you pick the best path for your journey. No path is the wrong path? But it's up to you to pick the best path. Enjoy your &THEN Journey!


More important than ever before is understanding the customer journey through any given product category, and the Why that drives consumers down pathways that lead to brand choices and loyalty. To do this, marketers must first understand the psychology of choice – how our…Learn More

Data-driven marketing would be meaningless without creativity. It’s the ideas, fueled by data, that drive engagement, build loyalty and unlock customer value. Here’s the formula for success: Data + Creativity + Persistence – Fear of Failure = Innovation…Learn More



Acquisition & Lead Generation is one of the most important activities we as marketers must master. We need to fill the funnel with qualified leads who will become profitable customers. At &THEN, you’ll learn new strategic techniques around data, segmentation…Learn More

Marketers always pay lip service to the customer-facing mantra “what’s in it for me”. But, for those of us who use it as more than a motivational poster and embrace it as something that permeates our marketing strategies, the customer experience is…Learn More



Customers are more informed than ever before, able to get information from multiple sources via multiple channels during any time of the day…with customers more empowered, it’s critical that businesses take an integrated approach to marketing. These recommended…Learn More

To execute effectively, client marketers must be aligned with their company’s strategic plan, more specifically, defining and executing the marketing initiatives to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. To be effective, it is important to understand and…Learn More


Digital Marketing pathway v2-01

The biggest opportunity for marketers right now is mobile. This opportunity is even more important for brands trying to tap into the trillion dollar millennial market. Understanding the nuances to marketing on a mobile device by utilizing engaging content…Learn More

The need for real omnichannel customer experience is growing exponentially along with the growth of e-commerce. I´m looking to be inspired by best practises and “how to” (Manage a Global Brand in 2016) in a relatively young business model that have been embraced…Learn More



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