Voice Recognition Interfaces, IOT and Data-Driven CX & The War To Own The Customer

Sunday October 8th • 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Voice recognition interfaces and the broader Internet of Things are fundamentally changing the way that consumers access information. More importantly, they are disrupting the very platforms on which advertisers have become accustomed to connecting with consumers. What does this mean for marketers? Ari Popper, CEO of SciFutures, will shed light on the implications of the new wealth of data that represents both a massive challenge and massive opportunity for businesses. Key takeaways will include:
  • An overview of the latest developments in voice recognition technology and consumer behaviors
  • The concept of a business-to-algorithm (B2A) strategy, and why it’s vital for modern-day brands
  • The near- and long-term implications of algorithmic-enabled markets