Track 2 - Data Disrupts Everything: Sensors, IoT, The Cloud, Connected Home & Car

The Retail Store of the Future (and the Data That Drives It)

Monday October 9th • 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm
Retail brands are uniting their online and offline shopping experiences like never before. Leaders like Westfield and Sephora have even built out entire innovation arms to keep pace with customers’ omnichannel expectations. What would you see if you peeked behind the data curtain of aspirational brands such as these? Attendees of this session are going to find out.   Key learnings will include:  
  • Benefits of new retail marketing technologies
  • Key data opportunities for uniting online and in-person shopping experiences
  • Case studies from top retailers
  Who should attend? Senior executives, managers and stakeholders at brands, agencies, platforms, and media and technology companies who are focused on innovation within the marketing industry and their organizations.