Track 4 - Customer-First Extreme Personalization: AI & Machine Learning

Powerful Personalization: How TIAA and Shinola Provide Value and Avoid “Creepy”

Monday October 9th • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Sponsored By
How can you use customer data to deliver uniquely powerful personalization and while avoiding the dangers of alienating those suspicious of how marketers use their data? Join DMA Hall of Famer Ernan Roman, president of ERDM Corp., as he shares new voice-of-customer (VoC) research findings regarding expectations for true personalization and the need to evolve from implicit information to explicit preference-driven human data. Learn the breakthrough personalization strategies used by TIAA’s Michael Gannon, VP Content Marketing, and Shinola’s Dennis Kopitz, Director of Ecommerce. Key learnings the session will provide;
  • Learn the Reciprocity of Value Equation for earning deep customer data in exchange for true personalization
  • TIAA’s powerful new personalization and persona strategies
  • Shinola’s strategies for deepening loyalty and retention through authentic and effective personalization.
Who should attend? Retailers, brand marketers, brand merchandisers, e-commerce specialists and partners responsible for personalization and optimization of the customer journey.