Track 6 - Sense & Respond: Tracking, Targeting, Attribution, ROI

Driving a Multi-Touch Attribution Culture

Monday October 9th • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Sponsored By
Multi-touch attribution enables marketers to determine the value of each customer touch point leading to a conversion. It lets you figure out which marketing channels or campaigns should be credited with the conversion, with the ultimate intention of allocating future spend to acquire new customers. Sounds simple? It’s not. Despite the value that a proper multi-touch attribution strategy can deliver back to an organization, getting a marketing department aligned in this regard can be infinitely challenging. In this session, you’ll find your roadmap. Key takeaways will include:
  • Current challenges of multi-touch attribution
  • Emerging tools, solutions and approaches to address attribution pain points
  • Lessons from brand marketers who have struggled with (and in some cases, solved) the multi-touch attribution conundrum
Who should attend? Marketers, media planners, data scientists, analysts, quants and others tasked with understanding and implementing campaign attribution and reporting solutions.