Track 2 - Data Disrupts Everything: Sensors, IoT, The Cloud, Connected Home & Car

adChain and Beyond: The Latest Advances in Eliminating Digital Advertising Fraud

Monday October 9th • 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

In June, MetaX and DMA announced their collaboration to introduce adChain, the first blockchain-based solution for the digital advertising industry. This solution is intended to instill transparency, efficiency and trust to an industry in need of a fresh approach. But the journey has only just begun. Join leaders from DMA, MetaX and other leaders in the fight against ad fraud as they discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the quest to create a secure environment for digital advertising.

Key learnings in this session will include:

  • A 101 look at the basics of blockchain in general and adChain in particular
  • How adChain can work with existing standards approaches, such as ads.txt;
  • The next required steps to change the transparency game and clean up the supply chain

Who should attend? Senior executives, managers and stakeholders at brands, agencies, platforms, and media and technology companies who are focused on innovation within the marketing industry and their organizations.