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Kobe Bryant Selects DMA’s &THEN as Early Speaking Venue to Shape Bryant Stibel’s Technology, Data and Media Investments


&THEN Heads to the West Coast, With a Special Welcome!

Snapchat and the Cool Factor of Hard-to-Use UI

What AR Games Like Pokemon Go can do for Marketers

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, - September 26, 2016 - BY John Egan

Hype Over Omnichannel Marketing ‘Is Well Justified,’ Marketing Exec Says

It turns out that omnichannel marketing might be more substance than style. To be sure, the concept of omnichannel marketing — which Hubspot defines as a multichannel sales approach that provides an integrated shopping experience — has generated plenty of...

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, - September 22, 2016 - BY dma

My Kingdom for a Tight Brief

Ian Baer is Chief Strategy Officer at Rauxa. Ian will be presenting “How to Write a Perfect Brief” at this year’s &THEN conference, October 16–18 in Los Angeles. A headline for an underwear ad? Actually, it’s a direct quote from...

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, - September 22, 2016 - BY Barry Eitel

Tyler Oakley: YouTube Star and White House Advisor

When Tyler Oakley was a freshman at Michigan State University, he uploaded his first video on the relatively new platform of YouTube, just like many college kids. However, unlike most of the millennial faces filming themselves for the yawning masses...

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, - September 22, 2016 - BY Clint Demeritt

Is it Time to Kill the Comments Section?

Once you open up a can of worms, can you seal it back up again? NPR recently shut down the comments section on its website and will be moving the discussion to social media like Facebook and Twitter instead. The...

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- September 21, 2016 - BY dma

Looking for Innovation? Look Inside the Box

VR is radically redefining our world.   And at &THEN, you can immerse yourself in VR now. Just step into Innovation Alley, in the Experience Zone, and explore the impact that VR can have on your brand – with headsets...

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, - September 20, 2016 - BY Michael Foster

Using Data Science to Make Creative Insights

Data science is becoming the fuel that fires creativity among the best marketers in the world. Creativity alone just doesn’t cut it in the multifaceted and complex media landscape we live in today, which is why the best creatives are...

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, - September 19, 2016 - BY Eric Schaal

ComScore’s Alex Banks Discusses the Latest Leaps in Measurement

In the simplest terms possible, comScore’s goal is clear: “to become the leader in cross-media audience and campaign measurement,” said Alex Banks, the company’s vice president of marketing solutions, in a July interview in New York City. But there is...

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, - September 15, 2016 - BY Eric Schaal

Where Artificial Intelligence and Highly Personal Content Collide

Today’s advertisers have access to more data than they can begin to use. However, with a well-planned series of posts based on proprietary findings, there is an opportunity to engage consumers and provide value in content campaigns. Yet this goal...

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, - September 14, 2016 - BY Barry Eitel

Shanté Bacon Reveals Her Secrets at &THEN

When Shanté Bacon was a little girl, becoming a marketing strategist and brand-building powerhouse wasn’t on her mind. Instead, she wanted to dress the windows at Macy’s. A few decades later, she’s getting people’s attention but on an international scale...

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, - September 13, 2016 - BY John Egan

Are Marketers Giving Enough Credit to Direct Mail?

Marketers may be too quick to dismiss direct mail. That’s one of the takeaways from a new study by market research company Millward Brown Digital. In its third annual Getting Digital Right study, Millward Brown Digital asked marketers what makes...

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