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7 Unique Industry Driven Tracks

Track 1
How Data Drives Business Outcomes: The C-Suite in Alignment
When it comes to establishing data as the core of your marketing organization, the change must begin at the top. Join senior executives as they discuss and define the business impact and opportunities of data-driven marketing for their organizations.
Track 2
Data Disrupts Everything: Sensors, IoT, The Cloud, Connected Home & Car
Consumer behaviors are changing so quickly that today’s data-driven marketer can scarcely keep up. Join marketers on the cutting edge of data developments as they tackle recent challenges and opportunities related to social data, voice-recognition technology, the connected home and car, retail tech disruptions, wearables, and more.
Track 3
Data-Driven Creative Excellence
Art and science unite. Join creative-minded marketing executives for lively discussions of the latest data-driven strategies related to mobile creative, content, emerging ad formats, user experience, and more.
Track 4
Customer-First Extreme Personalization: AI & Machine Learning
How can you use customer data to deliver uniquely powerful personalization and while avoiding the dangers of alienating those suspicious of how marketers use their data? Join top retail and brand marketers as they discuss the latest technologies and tactics that are paving the road to true one-to-one marketing.
Track 5
Frankenstack: Programmatic & Media Optimization
Automated media buying and optimization offers the ability to reach a targeted audience with highly relevant ads – at scale. Join senior brand marketers and media executives as they discuss the nuances, opportunities, and underlying data implications of tapping into the power of this technology.
Track 6
Sense & Respond: Tracking, Targeting, Attribution, ROI
Spending on analytics solutions has never been higher, and yet marketing executives have never felt so overwhelmed by data. Join the industry’s top analytics experts as they discuss the latest metrics that matter in pre- and post-conversion tracking, as well as innovative solutions for audience tracking and targeting.
Track 7
Sponsored Content from Cutting-Edge Marketing & Tech Organizations
These presentations are packed with research, case studies, tactical best practices and future-looking trend analyses from top tech and solutions providers in the data-driven space. These company leaders have the answers to your most pressing marketing challenges.

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